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A Metal Restoration System is a coating system placed on an existing metal roof panel. There are many brands of coatings. We recommend Conklin Roofing Products. Conklin has multiple coatings depending on your specific need and a reputation of standing behind their products. Our company worked with Conklin to become a Warranty Certified Contractor offering manufacturer warranties covering labor & material for 10-15 years depending on the product used. Of course the application of any product is the key to a roof that gives you the durability you expect. Our applicators are trained to use the following four step process:

We begin each job by power washing the entire roof where the coating will be applied. We then treat all rust areas with a rust inhibiting primer.

All fasteners are checked to ensure tightness, then we use fastener grade Caulking and seal every fastener on the roof.

Most metal roof leaks result from aging. As a fastener ages the rubber grommet under the screw dry rots and becomes faulty. You combine wind and rain and you have your first leak. Depending on climate the rotting process may not take long, even on a newer roof. Fully tightened and caulked fasteners greatly extend the life of the roof.

Spray base coat to seams and embed fabric reinforcement down seams and on all horizontal lap joints. Apply another coat of base coat.

Expansion and contraction can cause non-fabric reinforced seams to crack and leak. Fully embedded fabric and double base coat applications prevent seam cracking and leakage.

Apply the final coat.

The final coat is 100% waterproof, 100% seamless and 84% UV reflective. The coating is flexible and will expand and contract without cracking in changing temperatures and weather conditions. Combine all of this with our 10 or 15 year warranty and you will have a worry free roof for years to come.

Studies have shown that many roofs reflect roughly 5% of UV rays. When you coat your existing roof with a coating system, the UV reflectivity is 84%. That is a net gain of roughly 79%. To you as a building owner, this equates to money saved on energy bills.